Omsom Cooking Sauce Variety Pack $29.95

For truly authentic sauces, the sister duo behind Omsom knew they needed to create them with experts of Southeast Asian cuisine.

The team tapped professional chefs across NYC for the sauces included in this variety pack and the results are bold, complex and unique sauces that taste just as good as homemade. The team of culinary heavy-hitters behind these sauces are: Jimmy Ly of Madame Vo, Nicole Ponseca of Jeepney as well as Chat and Ohm Suansilphong of Fish Cheeks.

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Called a “meal starter” by the Omsom team, this sauce is all you need to infuse authentic Southeast Asian flavor into traditional dishes and beyond. You can use these sauces to flavor ground meats and glaze skewers of proteins like tofu and shrimp, or add a kick to sauteed veggies. We also love using the sauces as an easy way to infuse rice with flavor as it cooks, or add an extra kick to the filling of lettuce cups. The possibilities are endless!

Kitchen Notes

Each sauce package says it serves two, which makes sense if the meal in mind features a hefty amount of, say, tofu and not much else, but we find that it can stretch further if you plan on supplementing your sauced protein with sides and salads—up to four servings.

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