Omsom Lemongrass BBQ Cooking Sauce 3-Pack $12.95

The Omsom team tapped chef Jimmy Ly of Manhattan’s Madame Vo to develop a sauce that was both bold and elevated.

With a restaurant focused on celebrating Vietnamese BBQ culture (which usually features one protein like beef or fish prepared 7 different ways), Ly played a significant role in pioneering the East Coast’s surge of Vietnamese cuisine.“ Everything Jimmy does is grounded in his heartfelt desire to introduce and celebrate underrated, overlooked Vietnamese dishes into the mainstream,” says the Omsom team.

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Called a “meal starter” by the Omsom team, this sauce can truly bring together a number of dishes. Use as a marinade for 1lb of your protein of choice, such as sliced tofu, shrimp or chicken before popping onto skewers and cooking on the grill or in a skillet. Or use to glaze a full roast chicken or rack of ribs. Toss the sauce with sautéed veggies, or try combining it with oil and a hit of vinegar or lime juice for a vibrant dressing to add flavor to leafy greens, charred broccoli and more. It’s also great to add to rice as it cooks, making it a flavorful base or side dish to your dinner of choice.

Kitchen Notes

Each sauce package says it serves two, which makes sense if the meal in mind features a hefty amount of, say, tofu and not much else, but we find that it can stretch further if you plan on supplementing your sauced protein with sides and salads—up to four servings.

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