Palmetto Sauce Company Congaree Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce $10.95

Punchy mustard-based barbecue sauce is the most distinctive variety to come out of the Carolinas.

​This South Carolina staple was brought to the “midlands” of the state by early German settlers and has since become popular across the region. It always features a distinctive yellow mustard punch at the fore, enhanced by sugar, vinegar and spices. We especially love this one from the Palmetto Sauce Company named after the river that runs through central South Carolina. It’s a simple recipe, but widely beloved. Seriously, fans will sop up any remaining sauce with bread when they run out of meat so as not to waste it.

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​A sauce like this where mustard is the star is typically paired with pork. Though, we love it slathered on a stacked turkey or pastrami sandwich. A drizzle adds a touch of zest to an otherwise traditional potato salad and the spicy, palate-clearing mustard does wonders to cut through fatty fried foods when used as a dip.

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