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Paqu Jaya El Peruano Native Chili Sauce $11.99

Peruvian cuisine makes good use of many varietals of chiles that grow in Central and South America.

Some are more ubiquitous in recipes than others, but all are nearly impossible to find fresh in the US. Paqu Jaya's non-GMO, single-estate chili products are made from the crops of small village producers located deep in the heart of Peru. These products have been featured in top restaurants—from Nobu to the restaurants of famed Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio.

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Use this hot sauce as you would any spicy condiment-- on tacos or quesadillas, smeared in a sandwich, or swirled on top of soups. The thicker texture also makes it excellent for rubs or marinades, because it clings better than runnier sauces. The smokey, deep flavor is also a great substitution for chipotle chiles in adobo, or for the adobo sauce itself.

Kitchen Notes

If you have run out of plain aji panca chile concentrate, you can use this hot sauce as a substitution. It will add a bit of extra sweetness and acidity, but the earthy flavor of the aji will still shine in your recipe.

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