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Paqu Jaya Peruvian Rocoto Chili Concentrate

Artisanal company Paqu Jaya is on a mission to share Peru's one-of-a-kind chilies with the world, partnering with small village farmers to support local Peruvian economies. Native to Peru and Bolivia and ubiquitous in their cuisines, the rocoto chili pepper has a unique apple shape and bright, fiery red color when ripe. Paqu Jaya's jarred paste retains a fruity, vibrant aroma and bold heat that hits the back of the throat; we were impressed by its punchy fresh-chili flavor and balance between vegetal and fruity notes. Fruity rocoto chilies pair well with fish and seafood—try tossing in Peruvian Ceviche. Use this concentrated paste in marinades for grilled meats, or swirl it into soups at the end of cooking for a bright accent; it's also a great tableside condiment for roast chicken or vegetables.
  • Net Weight: 225 grams
  • Ingredients: Rocoto chilies, soybean oil, salt, citric acid
  • Place of Origin: Peru

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