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Paqu Jaya Peruvian Yellow Chili Concentrate

Artisanal company Paqu Jaya is on a mission to share Peru's one-of-a-kind chilies with the world, partnering with small village farmers to support local Peruvian economies. Ají amarillo is perhaps the most famous of Peru's indigenous peppers, known for its orange-gold hue, fruity-floral flavor and intense heat (up to 20 times hotter than the jalapeño). Paqu Jaya's Yellow Chili Concentrate is one of the brighter and fresher-tasting ají amarillo products we've tasted, with a potent flavor, medium heat and smooth, almost creamy texture. It's a versatile paste that can lean savory—think garlic and onion—or you can play up its natural sweetness, like in mango or pineapple salsas. We like it as a bright enhancement for delicate chicken or white fish; try pairing it with the lime juice in Peruvian Ceviche.
  • Net Weight: 225 grams
  • Ingredients: Yellow chilies, salt, soybean oil, citric acid
  • Place of Origin: Peru