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Petrazzuoli Fontana Lupo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Pressed from olives grown on 100-year-old trees, this acclaimed Italian olive oil is herbaceous and subtly fruity, with a unique hay-like quality. We especially love its rich, buttery mouthfeel, which is balanced by a peppery finish—the sign of a minimally processed product—so that the olive oil isn't cloying but rather light-tasting. It's a perfect finishing oil, full of character but not overwhelming. Try it with lightly dressed grains or pasta, whose nutty sweetness pairs well with the buttery flavor; we also like to drizzle it over focaccia before baking. High-quality olive oil is essential for our chilled Andalusian Tomato and Bread Soup (Salmorejo), creating a creamy body and adding a fresh, fruity flavor.
  • Net Volume: 500 milliliters
  • Place of Origin: Ruviano, Italy