Pisqueya Hot and Smoky Hot Sauce $9.95

In 1986, this first batches of Pisquaya hot sauce were concocted in Brooklyn, NY from a generations-old recipe used in a family restaurant serving authentic Dominican fare.

This restaurant was owned by Pisqueya founder Maritza Abreu’s parents. after losing the restaurant in a fire and spending some time in the Dominican Republic afterwards, Maritza made it her mission to share her family’s beloved sauce beyond the restaurant—handcrafting each with high-quality ingredients, including peppers sourced directly from Dominican Republic farms.

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Use anywhere you want a big hit of spicy goodness, with a complex vegetal-smokey-fruity pepper flavor. We love using it to punch up fatty meats like pork shoulder and beef chuck or fried foods like fries, tostones, fritters and more. We especially love it in our Black-Eyed Pea Fritters (the scotch bonnet pairs well with the nutty pea flavor) and our Mexican Beef and Tomatillo Stew. It also adds a welcome kick to guacamoles and salsas or anything rich and cheesy—the heat cuts the richness and wakes up your palate, but the flavor of the chiles also works really well with creamy, melty cheeses.

Kitchen Notes

The hot sauce can stay on your shelf at room temperature for up to two years. Once opened, refrigeration helps preserve its quality.

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