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Podravka Ajvar Mild Relish $9.95

Ajvar is often called the pepper caviar of the Balkans for its luxurious, rich flavor—even its name is similar to the Turkish word for the briny delicacy.

Popular in the culinary traditions of Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia, the condiment begins with ripe roga peppers harvested in autumn that are roasted over an open flame until their skin chars and the flesh grows succulent and sweet. ​Once, pureed, the peppers are blended with oil and other additions unique to each maker.

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Pair this bright relish with smoky grilled meats such as lamb or a meze board of feta and olives. Smear it on a sandwich or use it as a sauce for pastas or grains—try tossing it with warm cooked orzo or barley and adding chopped grilled eggplant, chopped olives, crumbled feta and a handful of parsley for an easy dinner side or light lunch. And when reduced in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, the condiment’s jammy character is perfect for slathering atop a chunk of manchego, brie or other nutty or bloomy rind cheeses.

Kitchen Notes

After opening, keep in the refrigerator and use within 10 days.

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