Pure Indian Foods Organic Indian Five Spice (Panch Phoron) $8.95

Given that fragrance is such a huge aspect of flavor, we never compromise on the quality of the spices we use for cooking.

Some of our most trusted sources is Sandeep and Nalini Agarwal's family-owned company Pure Indian Foods, which sources only the best ingredients from small farms in the United States and India, where spice is the foundation of all cooking. The company's products add a nuanced complexity and authenticity to dishes that regular commercial brands simply can’t replicate, and the company is our most-trusted source of high-quality, boldly flavored Indian pantry staples.

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​This blend is generally bloomed in fat like ghee until the spices begin to pop and dance before it’s used to bring out the most flavor (the exception being roasting in the oven with a good glug of oil). Toss a couple of teaspoon with potatoes and onions and roast until the onions and potatoes are soft and the spices fragrant. Add squash, veggies or mushrooms to a pan after the five spice has been simmered in ghee and cook until soft. Sprinkle some into lentil dishes, stews, soups and quick curries. Use it to coat pork or chicken cutlets. We also love pairing this warming spice blend with the savory allium flavor of hing.

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