Ravida Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil from Sicily is wonderfully soft and light, with fresh grassy notes and a hint of tomato. We love its perfect balance between peppery and bitter—a feat even the best producers struggle to pull off. Rather than a sharp, pungent hit of pepper like with other brands, this EVOO leaves only a light, pleasant tingle at the back of the throat.

Family-owned Ravida Azienda Agricola has won international awards for its limited-production olive oils, which are made from three indigenous varietals of olive cultivated from 300-year-old trees. The result in this case is a complex, well-rounded extra-virgin olive oil that has a remarkable capacity to heighten flavors as well as tasting amazing on its own.


  • Net Volume: 500 ml
  • Storage: Store in a cool dark place (around 60° F)

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