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Red Boat Salt

This fish sauce-infused salt is made by extracting some of the brine from wild-caught black anchovies that have been fermented for 12 months to make Red Boat's fish sauce. The salt is dried back to crystal form, producing a rich seasoning that can be sprinkled into all kinds of recipes. It is ideal for dishes that can benefit from umami but not the addition of liquid. And despite its funky aroma, the salt doesn't taste fishy but rather like the ocean: crisp and briny with sweet-savory notes. We love Red Boat's all-natural complexity and crisp, clean taste; unlike many other fish sauce brands, the company uses no added sugar for dimensions of flavor.

Silicon Valley engineer Cuong Pham started his company in 2011 as an effort to recreate the bold flavors and intense aromas of his native Vietnam and make them available to home cooks in the States. With a commitment to transparency and sustainability, Red Boat has revitalized the fish sauce industry on Phú Quốc, once famous for its traditional fishing communities and fish sauce factories.

Red Boat Salt can be used as a substitute for regular salt when you want an extra dash of savory richness. We like to use it sparingly as a finishing salt over sautéed vegetables and fresh salads to add an earthy dimension that a lot of greens lack. It's especially great on steak and other roasted meats, imparting an instant dry-aged flavor. Or use it to flavor simple rice and noodle dishes—try it in our Pasta with Shrimp and Browned Butter, or sprinkle some over our Thai Rice Soup (Khao Tom) to taste. 

  • Net Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Ingredients: Anchovy and sea salt
  • Allergens: contains fish
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam

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