The Riley/Land Collection Wooden Biscuit Cutters — Set of 2 $55.00

Patent No. 170,460.

The first biscuit cutters were invented by Alexander P. Ashbourne, a beloved Pennsylvania caterer and one of the early prolific Black inventors in the United States. While catering high-profile events for Philadelphia’s wealthiest families, Ashbourne noticed that the biscuits at these events were all shaped by hand, thus lacking any consistent shape or size. Ashbourne set out to develop a spring-loaded biscuit cutter (with specialized shapes and a board for easy loading) that would take over 10 years to earn its patent. He invented for much of his life, earning patents in coconut oil refining.

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These work beautifully on our Buttermilk Biscuits—dip the cutter into flour before use to prevent sticking. Try them for cutting biscuit, scone or cookie dough into round shapes for baking.

Kitchen Notes

Do not soak in water. Wipe clean when possible and only hand-wash if necessary, as the wood will be easier to work with if it stays dry. If you do wash your cutter, dry immediately.

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