Roi Basil Ligurian Green Pesto $11.95

First crafted in Genoa, Italy, pesto has humble beginnings.

Taking its inagural form as a simple mash of garlic and salt Genovese sailors would use to mask the flavor of spoiled food. The word “pesto” itself means “to pound” and the sauce gets its name from the process of mashing its fragrant basil, punchy cheese and buttery pine nuts with a mortar and pestle until it forms a delicately-flecked mixture.

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Finish brothy soups, add to oil and vinegar for a punchy salad dressing, drizzle over meat and fish or simply toss with your favorite pasta.

Kitchen Notes

Once opened, add a layer of olive oil to the top of the jar before refrigerating to ensure freshness and prevent oxidation.

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