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Romín Casero Morita Chili Powder

Hotter and deeper-tasting than smoked hot paprika, Romín Casero Morita Chili Powder is a great option to have on hand in your pantry for adding smoky-sweet flavor. Morita chilies are a type of chipotle pepper, made from jalapeños that have fully ripened before being smoked and dried. Because the peppers are red, ripe and sweeter than other smoked chilies, the powder has an especially pronounced fruity-sweet aroma that we love, which is rounded out with pungent garlic and a touch of salt. Morita chilies pack a ton of flavor in each chili pepper, and in this powdered form you can conveniently adjust your level of spice as you like.

Use this Morita Chili Powder to add bold flavor to all manner of Latin foods. Or use in conjunction with conventional chili powder for easy extra flavor for your chili or quick refried beans. Swap out 3 to 4 teaspoons for the canned chipotles in our quick Refried Beans, or add some to the marinade of our Grilled Tacos al Pastor for extra dimensions of heat. We also like to blend with kosher salt, ground coriander, black pepper and brown sugar to use as a rub on chicken, pork or even steaks before roasting or grilling. For a sweet and salty combination, try blending into melted butter with a touch of sugar and drizzle over salted popcorn.
  • Net Weight: 2 ounces
  • Ingredients: Dried morita chilies, canola oil, garlic, iodized salt
  • Place of Origin: Mexico