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SAVA Trading Co. Extract-Grade Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Hand-harvested from Madagascar's northeastern Sava region, which is famous for its vanilla production, SAVA Trading Co.'s Extract-Grade Madagascar Vanilla Beans are fresher than conventional brands and hand-processed using traditional methods to maximize their vanillin content and preserve their woody-sweet depth of flavor and intoxicating aroma. The company partners with Malagasy farmers to source organic, sustainably grown vanilla beans picked at peak maturity. By cutting out middleman costs, SAVA is able to directly pay Madagascar farmers above-market prices for their premium vanilla and support local village economies. These whole beans are great for making homemade extract—simply soak beans in the alcohol of your choice. Or scrape the seeds out to use in desserts and keep the leftover pods in a jar of sugar to infuse it with vanilla flavor.
  • Quantity: 10 beans
  • Ingredients: Whole vanilla beans
  • Place of Origin: Madagascar
  • NOTE:  Extract beans have a bit less moisture.  Chop them and put them in alcohol to reconstitute

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