SAVA Trading Co. Madagascar Vanilla Simple Syrup $14.95 - $32.95

The company partners with Malagasy farmers in Madagascar's northeastern Sava region (famous for its vanilla production) to source organic, sustainably grown vanilla beans picked at peak maturity.

​ By cutting out middleman costs, SAVA is able to directly pay farmers above-market prices for their premium vanilla and support local village economies.

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This syrup adds a lovely soft vanilla sweetness to drinks, desserts and even breakfasts without overshadowing their flavor. Drizzle atop pancakes, waffles or fruit salad. Moisten cakes and pastries with a few spoonfuls, or use as a base for simple vanilla ice cream. Flavor sodas, seltzers, smoothies and even lemonade, or try it in a scrumptious iced coffee.

Kitchen Notes

Shake well before each use. Refrigerate after opening.

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