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Namikura Sesame Miso

Japanese family producer Namikura Miso Co. has been making miso for five generations using traditional methods, and the company's products are widely recognized throughout Japan for their nuanced flavors. Namikura's Sesame Miso is a mellow miso paste that balances the intense saltiness of fermented soybeans with the nutty, bittersweet flavor of sesame. Black and white sesame seeds, both whole and pureed, are blended into the miso and fermented for three months, resulting in a mild product that tastes like a perfect balance of miso and tahini.

You can use Namikura Sesame Miso as you would traditional white miso in soups and stews, or blended with rice vinegar for an instant vinaigrette. We especially like it on chicken and fish, as well as roasted vegetables such as carrots or winter squash. Its creamy texture is perfect for making compound butter, such as for our Soba with Miso Butter and Asparagus—since Sesame Miso is milder than traditional white miso, you can use less ginger if you prefer. Or swap out Namikura's product for the white miso in our easy sheet-pan Miso-Glazed Chicken with Mushrooms. If you want to highlight its flavor in soup, we recommend pairing the miso with rich, meaty mushrooms and finishing with sesame oil like we do in our Miso-Shiitake Soup with Napa Cabbage.

  • Net Weight: 160 grams
  • Ingredients: Organic white rice koji, organic whole soybeans, sesame, water, and sea salt
  • Storage Instructions: Refrigerate after opening 
  • Place of Origin: Japan