Sfoglini Rye Trumpets $9.95

Rye, a dark, nutty flour made from rye kernels, is a popular flour for bread-making in northern and eastern Europe.

Rye can impart a range of colors—the flour can be light enough to pass for all-purpose and dark enough to give pumpernickel its signature brown—and robust flavors based on how much of the rye kernel is milled into flour. Rye has several properties that make it regionally popular for making bread or pizza: it can withstand poor soil conditions, grow well in wet and cold climates and ferment easily due to a high level of soluble sugars. In pasta, rye can be pleasantly chewy and aromatic.

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Substitute the rye trumpets for the whole wheat pasta in Rye Trumpets Whole-Wheat Pasta with Walnut Sauce and Swiss Chard, or try Sfoglini’s recipe for Rye Trumpets with Zucchini, Corn and Cilantro. The trumpets would also cling beautifully to our Ragù Bolognese.

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