Shibanuma Soy Sauce Koikuchi "Shiho-no-Shizuku" $12.95

Shibanuma Soy Sauce has produced soy sauce and Japanese seasonings for 18 generations.

Founded in 1688 in Tsuchiura, Japan, their products are made from high-quality soybeans and wheat grown in their local region of Ibaraki, located in the Kanto district. Their soy sauce was selected and presented to the Edo Shogunate as one of the best soy sauces in Japan during that era, and it’s the only remaining soy sauce manufacturer in Tsuchiura today.

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Use for any recipes that call for cooking with soy sauce and as a dipping sauce alongside food including dumplings, sushi or dim sum. It’s also great in fried rice, noodles and stir-fries, or try it in our Shanghai-Style Scallion Noodles with Ground Pork, Grilled Chicken with Soy Sauce Tare or Soy-Glazed Braised Brussels Sprouts. It can also boost the flavor of non-Asian dishes as well. Stir a little into soups, sauces or even turkey gravy to give an umami boost and provide depth and savoriness.

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