Sonoko Sakai Japanese Curry Powder $16.95


Traditionally used to make Kare raisu (curry rice), Japanese curry came to the country from other parts of Asia by way of Britain.

It soon became a hearty dish popular with the Japanese military and soon grew to be a beloved comfort food for all. The mild curry gets a kick from palate-pleasing spices such a cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne and is a cozy and aromatic blend to elevate any dish.

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Incorporate into a rub for meat, bloom with other aromatics when sauteeing, or perhaps stir into a soup. Combine with butter or ketchup to craft a condiment with a kick, or add to entrees like our Japanese-Style Beef Curry—substituting the curry powder in place of the garam masala.

Kitchen Notes

Find Sonoko’s recipe on how to make traditional Japanese curry bricks here.

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