Soom Foods Vanilla Bean Tahini $10.95

“We found that because tahini has a long shelf life, the grocery store stuff is sitting on shelves for a while,”

explains Soom Foods co-founder and CEO Amy Zitelman, who runs the company along with her sisters Shelby Zitelman and Jackie Zitelman. ​​“We try to press our tahini every 6 to 8 weeks, so it's very fresh, and Jackie tastes every batch of tahini for quality assurance.” And to ensure a creamy consistency, the company sources only White Humera sesame seeds from northwestern Ethiopia that have an ideal oil-to-protein ratio for blending.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Use as a sweet dip for fresh fruit, pretzels, or your favorite crunchy snacks. Drizzle over oats, granola, pancakes or ice cream. You can even swirl it into cakes or brownies for a nutty sweetness or creamy addition to frostings. Spread on fresh breads and rolls for a quick snack. Eat it with a spoon if you’re feeling extra indulgent. The possibilities are endless!

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