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Stauds Pickled Garlic

Austrian producer Staud's unique Pickled Garlic has a fresh, raw garlic pungency without the harsh bite; rather, the garlic is tempered by a touch of sweetness and acidity from brandy vinegar. Pickled Garlic has all the convenience and clean, true flavor of a jar of minced garlic, with the added perk that it stays fresher for longer. Use as you would regular garlic, especially in raw applications such as salad dressings which benefit from the mellowed-out flavor. Since 1883, the Staud family has been selling sweet and sour pickles at Brunnenmarkt, one of Vienna's largest open-air markets. An Austrian classic, the brand can be recognized by its iconic octagonal glass jars and black lids.
  • Net Weight: 228 grams
  • Ingredients: Garlic, brandy vinegar (pure fermented vinegar), sugar, salt, onions, hot peppers, pepper, citric acid
  • Place of Origin: Austria

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