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Stauds Pickled Silver Onions

Austrian producer Staud's Pickled Silver Onions have a bright and mellow onion flavor, pleasant tang and superb texture—they're never mushy or soggy but rather satisfyingly crunchy. The family company adds sweet and herbal tarragon for a delicate secondary note to complement the onions' natural sweetness. They can be used just like fresh cipollini onions and are far more convenient since they're already peeled (anyone who's tried peeling a fresh pearl or cipollini onion knows it can be a hassle). Plus, they last longer in the fridge than fresh onions that might sprout or spoil. Since 1883, the Staud family has been selling sweet and sour pickles at Brunnenmarkt, one of Vienna's largest open-air markets. An Austrian classic, the brand can be recognized by its iconic octagonal glass jars and black lids.
  • Net Weight: 228 grams
  • Ingredients: Onions, brandy vinegar (pure fermented vinegar), sugar, salt, pepper, estragon (tarragon), mustard seeds, potassium metabisulphite
  • Place of Origin: Austria

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