Steen's Cane Syrup $10.55

This cane syrup sprung from a near-disaster.

Founder Charlie Steen was a sugarcane farmer in Louisiana, and in 1910 he started a small mill in an attempt to salvage a frozen crop by turning it into something he could sell. The syrup has since become a staple in Southern cooking, and Steen’s has grown to offer a variety of cane syrups, molasses and vinegar.

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Use this syrup in place of molasses for a lighter color and flavor. Pour it over pancakes and biscuits. Swap it out in gingerbread cookies or other baked goods. Or on the savory side, toss it with root vegetables before roasting for a touch of sweetness.Try it in cocktails such as an Old-Fashioned or any rum and whisky drinks.

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