Takasago Soy Sauce Organic Smoked Marudaizu Soy Sauce $14.95

This soy sauce is a rare treat.

It’s organic and infused with the fragrant smoke of cherry wood, not blended with artificial wood smoke like most others on the market. It’s truly exceptional, as the producer has been handcrafting the stuff using traditional techniques since 1877.

Not sure how you’d use it?

We test everything we sell. Here’s how we’d use this.


Give its smoky, complex taste, this soy sauce makes a stunning statement as a finishing sauce. Drizzle on steak, sashimi, grilled fish and veggies, rice and even pizza and potatoes to enhance each’s umami flavor. Or use to make yaki-onigiri (grilled or pan-fried rice balls—one of our favorite uses for the sauce): Just mix the smoked soy sauce into white rice, form it into a ball shape, and then grill or pan-fry it. The sauce also offers a welcome boost to steamed dishes (especially on steamed onion) and even pairs well with olive oil and garlic (don’t be afraid to drizzle a touch into your pasta bowl). And a dab blended with ketchup is pure magic.

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