The Tasmanian Honey Company Eucalyptus Honey $22.95

A region known for its remote swaths of mountains and forests, filled with distinctive, native flora, Tasmania has a landscape like no other.

As a love letter to this landscape, Tasmanian Honey Company—founded in the ’70s by beekeeper Julian Wolfhagen—produces natural, wild honeys using a special low-temperature preparation technique. This gently coaxes the golden liquid from the pockets of the honeycomb to preserve its floral and botanical essence, while ensuring a buttery, spreadable texture by promoting a finely crystallized structure.

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Smooth and easy to drizzle, this rich, earthy honey works well anywhere you’d typically use honey. It’s also a welcome ingredient for a zesty vinaigrette made with shallots, dijon and your oil of choice (we love walnut oil with this). And you can’t go wrong adding a liberal drizzle to cheese. Pair this creamy, woodsy-yet-floral honey with an equally creamy cheese—such as burrata or chèvre. Just spread across a cracker or crusty bread and top with cheese. The woodsy notes are also the perfect match for the earthiness of blue cheese and the mushroomy quality of a bloomy rind cheese such as brie.

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