The Tasmanian Honey Company Leatherwood Honey $18.95

A region known for its remote swaths of mountains and forests, filled with distinctive, native flora, Tasmania has a landscape like no other.

As a love letter to this landscape, Tasmanian Honey Company—founded in the ’70s by beekeeper Julian Wolfhagen—produces natural, wild honeys using a special low-temperature preparation technique. This gently coaxes the golden liquid from the pockets of the honeycomb to preserve its floral and botanical essence, while ensuring a buttery, spreadable texture by promoting a finely crystallized structure.

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This honey is smooth and easy to drizzle—try it on toast, biscuits, cookies, pancakes, waffles, ice cream—you name it!
When warmed slightly and spooned onto cakes, it soaks into the crumb just as a flavored syrup would. Stirred into whipped cream or softened butter with fresh thyme, it adds a nuanced, botanical sweetness. And it makes for a unique addition to tea and coffee.
You can even use it in glazes for savory meats: Thin the honey with a splash of rice vinegar and a small spoonful of chili-garlic sauce for a quick sweet-spicy glaze for chicken, pork or vegetables; or use it to make a dip for fried foods such as wings and dumplings.
And of course, it’s heavenly atop cheese: Pair it with something creamy and a little bit grassy, such as rich goat’s milk bûcheron or a creamy blue cheese like Gorgonzola dolce.

Kitchen Notes

This honey comes in a charming tin that easily pops open with a butter knife or the flat handle of a spoon. To close, replace the lid and push firmly in the center until you hear a small click.

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