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It’s pronounced “pick-leez.”

Pikliz is to Haitian cuisine what giardiniera is to Italy, a tableside condiment of pickled veggies with a hot pepper kick, pikliz is typically used to add tangy brightness to rich meats and fried dishes. This one is especially lovely. It’s made by Haitian-born Blonde Beauchamp, who served the tangy condiment to her friends at dinner parties and—after an overwhelmingly positive response from her guests—made making pikliz into a business.

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There’s little this condiment won’t improve with its fermented acidity, bold heat and crunchy texture. It’s traditionally served with fried foods and rich meats to provide contrast, but it can do so much more. Spoon atop grilled meats or seafood to add a refreshing zing or spoon over rice and beans to balance the savory, earthy, nutty flavors. Even a small scoop does wonders over sautéed greens like spinach. Of course, it’s a perfect addition to hot dogs, sausages and sandwiches of all kinds. Try it in place of salsa fresca for a Haitian twist in these Mexican Stewed Beans with Salsa Fresca or in place of the chimichurri in this Oven-Perfect Strip Steak with Chimichurri. And when you’re done with the jar, don’t toss that scrumptious pickling brine! Instead, pour it into a salad dressing, sauce, marinade or soup that needs a kick.

Kitchen Notes

This stuff is hot! Start out with a teaspoon of pikliz and build up from there depending on your taste buds.

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