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Tojiro Japanese Stainless Steel Hammered Finish Nakiri - 165mm

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Traditionally used to cut vegetables, the Nakiri has a straight blade that makes full contact with surfaces for smooth, fluid cutting motions. The knife's thin construction creates clean cuts and won't tear or damage delicate foods. We also love the authentic magnolia wood handles, made in the Japanese wa style with resin collars; the rounded handles come to a subtle point on their undersides, nestling in the hand for a more secure grip, even when the knife is wet.

If you prefer a blade that requires a little less care, the VG-10 Nakiri is right for you: VG-10 is a popular kitchen knife steel with a high chromium content, so it holds an edge well, is easy to sharpen and requires little maintenance. The VG-10 Nakiri also has a gorgeous, labor-intensive tsuchime, or hammered, finish. The textured blade isn't just for aesthetics: The divots allow air to flow during use, so foods fall clean off the blade rather than sticking.

  • Net Weight: 165 grams 
  • Blade Length: 165 millimeters 
  • Total Length: 305 millimeters 
  • Blade Material:VG-10 + 13 chrome stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Magnolia wood, resin collar
  • Edging: Double bevel
  • Care: Hand-wash only; dry immediately.

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