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Tojiro Japanese Stainless Steel Kiritsuke Knife - 160 mm

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The Kiritsuke is a style of gyuto, or Japanese chef’s knife, that has a long blade for slicing meat combined with a height that's perfect for cutting vegetables—overall, it's an all-purpose knife for virtually any kitchen task shy of mincing. The flat-bellied profile creates full board contact and clean slicing, while the namesake acute kiritsuke tip, traditionally reserved for head chefs, is specially designed for delicate detail work. Tojiro designed this kiritsuke with an ergonomic western-style handle that will feel familiar to American home cooks. The inner core of this Kiritsuke is VG-10, one of the most popular kitchen knife steels on the market. VG-10's high chromium content means the steel holds an edge well, is easy to sharpen and requires little maintenance. 

  • Net Weight: 190 grams
  • Blade length: 160 millimeters
  • Total Length: 295 millimeters
  • Blade Material: VG-10 + 13 chrome stainless steel 
  • Handle Material: Reinforced laminated material
  • Edging: Double bevel
  • Care: Hand-wash only; dry immediately.

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