Tory Food Bulgogi Sauce $15.95

A dish in two forms.

The first iteration of bulgogi, Bul meaning “fire” and gogi meaning “meat,” is known to date back to the Goguryeo era (1st century BCE to 7th century CE), evolving from a skewered meat preparation. But the grilled marinated meat most are familiar with isn’t the only form of bulgogi, there’s also a brothy version that many Americans have never tried.

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Add one jar of bulgogi sauce to 1.3 pounds meat of your choice. It would also work well used in place of step one in these Korean Stir-Fried Mushrooms or used in place of step one in these Korean Grilled Marinated Short Ribs (Yangneom Galbi).

Kitchen Notes

Product may separate due to lack of thickeners and stabilizers—simply shake before using. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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