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Two Pigs Farm Grade A Dark Maple Syrup

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After 20 years of boiling syrup, our Vermont farm, Two Pigs Farm, is selling off its sugaring equipment and offering the remaining inventory of syrup for sale. Every spring, we make our Dark Maple Syrup from fresh, filtered sap and bottle it in glass bottles to keep the flavor pure. I prefer Dark syrup, which has more maple flavor and is made from late-season sap: As the temperatures warm, trees start to bud out and the sap contains more organic compounds, which turn the syrup darker. It's got a rich, full body and a great depth of flavor so it's not cloyingly sweet.

I started sugaring at age 10—it was a small sugar shack, barely large enough for the wood-fired arch (also known as an evaporator). We used buckets, not lines, and gathered the syrup with a team of horses pulling a wagon loaded with a 250-gallon metal tank. Two Pigs started out similarly, as a small operation that made just enough for family and neighbors, and then it grew to a sugarbush with 5,000 taps, bottling equipment, storage facilities and the like. We decided to go back to the simple life, returning the farm to what it should be: a family farm. We only have a very limited inventory of these half-liter bottles of Two Pigs Dark Maple Syrup—get yours while supplies last.

  • Net Weight: 250 milliliters
  • Ingredients: 100% pure maple syrup
  • Place of Origin: Vermont, US
  • Note: Grade A Dark syrup is defined as that with a light transmittance of 25% to 49.9% and robust taste. Each bottle will display natural variations within this range.

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