V Smiley Preserves Peach Bulgarian Pepper Tomato Honey Jam $16.95

While most jam makers might think honey is too strong a flavor to use in fruit preserves, V Smiley uses the natural sweetener expertly—honoring its intrinsic link to the fruit-growing process.

​And just like the fruit and herbs that are the base for her lovely preserves (which she and her partner cultivate on her Vermont family farm), Smiley insists that the honey she uses be local, too. It’s made by bees that pollinate only within the state. Her elegant, well-balanced flavors feature a judicious use of interesting ingredients like wild herbs and flowers. The result? The most complex, uncommon, deeply flavorful fruit preserves that capture the taste of spring and summer days.

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We love how this jam tastes with pork, duck and chicken dishes, and it’s a slam-dunk addition to salad dressings for grilled fruits and veggies, grains, beans, or just fresh leafy greens. It would also make a killer smear in any sandwich instead of mustard. And a few dollops of this on a charcuterie board will complement soft cheeses and crackers perfectly.

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