VejiBag Reusable Bags - Set of 3

Finely crafted of organic American cotton, these French terry bags are designed to replace plastic bags when shipping and prolong the life of stored produce. The fabric has a soft, fluffy interior, like a sweatshirt, which holds just enough moisture to maintain the humidity perfect for greens, carrots, green beans—you name it. Simply wet the bag and wring out all the extra moisture before storage. They’ll last for years and you’ll discard less wilted produce. Consider the Vejibag system an investment in the future of your dining.

  • Made from pure, non-toxic, un-dyed Organic Cotton
  • French terry knit
  • All materials grown, milled and produced in the U.S.
  • Reusable, washable, durable, lasts for years
  • Package contains 3 Sizes: Standard (11”X12”), Large (11”X17”), ExLarge (14”X17”)

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