Verve Culture Thai for Two Organic Pad Thai Kit $15.95

A classic Thai dish that isn’t really Thai at all.

Recognizable around the world as one of Thailand’s most celebrated street foods, pad thai—that heap of tangy-sweet noodles, packed with ribbons of scrambled egg, tender protein and firm vegetables and covered with ground peanuts and bean sprouts—is more characteristic of Chinese food. In fact, the dish’s moniker in Thai refers to pad thai as Chinese, and the dish’s use of chilies is considered its most Thai aspect. In the early 20th century, however, pad thai was the government’s solution to a time of economic strife: cheap, nutritious and delicious, the noodle dish was nudged on to the menus of street food vendors, cementing its popularity and its place in Thai cuisine.

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Bean sprouts, tofu and scrambled eggs are traditional additions to this dish. Chicken and shrimp are also typical protein choices and would work well here.

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