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Villa Jerada Nigella Seeds

Nutrient-rich black nigella seeds are used throughout North Africa, the Middle East and parts of India and have an earthy-sweet, woodsy and slightly oniony flavor and a subtle bitterness to wake up the palate. Chances are you've already tasted nigella seeds, whether they were sprinkled on Indian naan or Jewish rye bread. We highly recommend toasting the seeds before adding them to recipes to bring out their aroma and nuanced flavors.

Toasted and ground, Black Nigella Seeds perfect for adding aromatic complexity to spice rubs or finishing salts—try them with other earthy flavors like cumin or turmeric. Sprinkle whole nigella seeds over bread before baking as you would sesame. Their crunchy texture makes them a wonderful garnish for everything from salads to soups to avocado toast; they're a wonderful complement for autumnal foods like roasted squash, or use them as an earthy counterpoint for fresh summer vegetables and bright, zesty salad dressings.
  • Net Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Ingredients: Nigella Sativa
  • Place of Origin: Morocco

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