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Weck Mold Canning Jars — Set of 3

A staple in European kitchens since 1900, German-made Weck jars feature flat-top press-on glass lids secured with stainless steel spring clamps. As canning jars, they are easier to use than screw-top Mason jars; as storage jars, they are attractive and easy to clean. Each Weck container has four parts: the jar itself, as well as a glass lid, a rubber ring and 2 metal clips that keep the lid shut. The jars have a neat, subtly tapered shape and feature Wick's vintage strawberry logo pressed into the lid, which gives them a charming vintage appeal. And unlike Mason jars, the pieces don’t rust or build up gunk, and they have fewer nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. The wide openings are easy to fill and scoop from, and—thanks to their specially grooved flat tops—they stack neatly and securely in crowded pantries.

This set of 3 jars ranges from 0.2-liter to .75-liter capacities. The small ones are perfect for individual parfaits or serving Compound Butter tableside, while we like the medium sizes for making vinaigrettes, dressing and sauces—seal tight and shake to emulsify and store in the refrigerator. Or make easy Pickled Red Onions and other quick pickles, which look vibrant and appetizing in Weck containers. If you're home-canning, it's easy to tell whether your food is preserved properly: Just lift the jar up by the lid without the clips—if it has an airtight seal, it should stay shut. To open your homemade preserves, simply pull on the tab of the rubber ring to unseal the jar.
  • Set Includes: .75-liter Mold Jar, 0.5-liter Mold Jar, 0.2-liter Mold Jar, 3 lids, 3 rings, 6 clamps 
  • Materials: Glass, silicone rings, stainless steel clamps
  • Use: Glass is microwave-safe and heatproof to 400°F. All parts are freezer-safe.
  • Care: Dishwasher-safe