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CS Fishery Oregon Albacore Tuna

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While we love boutique cans and jars of tuna imported from Italy, Spain and Portugal, their prohibitive pricing makes them feel like a real splurge. This Pacific albacore tuna is caught and canned often within the span of a day, so its freshness rivals the European quality but at a much lower price point. Unlike supermarket tuna, which can be mealy or soggy, CS Fishery's product is wonderfully dense and flaky—you can tell this is tuna meat. The fresh, mild and meaty fish is packed in olive oil and seasoned with Jacobsen sea salt, made from the same waters from which the fish are caught. This is premium American tuna—with a clear supply chain—at a reasonable price.

The tuna is delicious flaked onto a Nicoise salad or folded into a tuna salad with mayonnaise, herbs and a few chopped sweet-sharp Peppadew peppers. For a Spanish twist, we like to flake the tuna into a batch of deviled eggs, adding a few chopped olives, pickled peppers and minced fresh basil or thyme. An Italian classic is tuna mayonnaise, or tonnato, which is perhaps a ripe tomato’s best partner. Joshua McFadden—the chef of Ava Gene’s in Portland, Oregon—lays down a thick schmear of tonnato beneath a simple, lightly dressed green salad; he also inspired our Sugar Snap and Radish Salad with Olive-Oil Tuna. We also love CS Fishery's tuna with pasta: Combine it with capers, herbs, garlic and fruity olive oil in a quick pantry pasta sauce. Or make a simple pasta topping by warming flaked tuna with sautéed garlic, chili flakes and scallions; toss with fruity extra-virgin olive oil, arugula, capers and toasted breadcrumbs (skip the cheese on this one).

  • Net Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Ingredients: Wild albacore, Oregon Olive Mill extra-virgin olive oil, Jacobsen Salt Co. kosher salt

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