Wildfish Cannery Canned Coho Salmon $12.95

Alaska’s fish canning tradition hearkens back to the turn of the century.​

​When large quantities of fish were harvested, canning was the only solution available to keep it fresh before refrigeration was invented in 1913. Now, family-owned Wildfish cannery carries on that tradition from the small island town of Klawock, where the first salmon cannery was established nearly 100 years ago. The producer partners with local fisherman from community-based fisheries to get salmon at peak harvest time before the fish is hand-sliced thick and brined in aromatics. Then it’s packed with care by hand.

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This succulent salmon can be enjoyed as is, or be the star protein in your dish. The chunky texture is ideal for a robust salmon burger or fish cake; it’ll even hold up when mixed with mayo, celery, fresh fill and a squeeze of lemon to make a quick salmon salad sandwich. Lay it over rice and pasta dishes, or flake it over avocado toast with a pour of good olive oil and kiss of lime juice. Layered with crunchy veggies atop leafy greens, it’ll add so much body to a simple salad. Pair with a mustard vinaigrette to add tangy brightness. And while the salmon is of course a wonderful addition to any dish, we truly think the flavorful meat can hold its own. It needs little more than a quality cracker, sprig of dill and slice of cucumber.

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