Wood's Cider Mill Boiled Cider $17.95

The Aldrich family has been boiling cider at their Wood’s Cider Mill in Weathersfield, Vermont, since 1882.

Originally made by a twin-screw cider press run by water power at the mill pond, the small-batch cider is still made on that same press. Now powered by electricity, it produces 200 gallons of cider per pressing that they use in their various products.

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Use in vinaigrettes, toss with root vegetables, brussel sprouts, or squash before roasting. Try in baking recipes that call for apple cider when a more highly concentrated flavor is desired. Add a few tablespoons to apple pie filling for a stronger apple taste. Mix with powdered sugar for an apple cider glaze for coffee cakes, pound cakes, doughnuts, and other baked goods.

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