Xilli Chipotle Adobados $19.95

Smoked jalapenos meet sweet heat.

​Chipotle in adobo is a mixture of dried, then rehydrated jalapeno peppers soaked in adobo sauce—a chili-based sauce that’s sweet and tangy, often including tomato, vinegar and spices.

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While delicious, this is really an ingredient, not a condiment. Use as you would canned chipotles in adobo. Tip: the sauce is as useful as the chiles themselves. Don’t throw it out! You can also substitute it in for powdered chipotle in soups and stews, just be sure to give these peppers a finer chop first. Try them in our: Grilled Tacos el Pastor, Chipotle Cashew Cauliflower Steaks, and Albondigas Enchipotladas (Meatballs in Chipotle Sauce)

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