Yakami Orchard Ginger Ponzu $18.95

This classic ponzu gets a bright lift from tomato.

It’s made in the Kyoto tradition, blending cedar-aged rice vinegar and mirin with a fresh broth of Momotaro tomato (a popular type of tomato in Japan). Contrary to the dark-colored, soy sauce-heavy liquids you might see in supermarkets, this one lives up to ponzu’s name, which means “vinegar punch” truly keeping the vinegar at the fore.

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Traditionally, ponzu is used as a dipping sauce for dumplings. And while that’s a great way to use it, it can do so much more. In place of a squeeze of lemon, splash it on seafood; it’s also great on sushi. Drizzle atop roasted veggies like our Charred Broccoli with Japanese-Style Toasted Sesame Sauce. Or toss with noodles like soba or pour over grilled meats.

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