Yakami Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu is the best-tasting citrus fruit you’ve never heard of and is used broadly in Japanese cooking as an accent note. Yuzu Kosho Green is a Japanese condiment prepared from fermented yuzu, chiles, kombu, and salt. The paste is remarkably complex and packs a piercing clarity that works wonders as rub on meats or fish before cooking, blended with butter to dress vegetables or whisked into vinaigrettes and dressings for salad. Yuzu Kosho Red is spicier than the green kosho. Add a spoonful to brighten basic marinara or barbecue sauce, or blend with butter or olive oil and smear in fish fillets before broiling or roasting.
  • 2 oz / 60 grm 
  • Red Kosho ingredients: red chile pepper, yuzu zest, sea salt, kombu, citric acid, & sodium benzoate
  • Green Kosho ingredients: green chile pepper, yuzu zest, seas salt, kombu, critic acid, & sodium benzoate

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