Yakiniku Shichirin Rectangular Grill $589.00

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To assemble, follow the provided instruction manual and watch this YouTube tutorial.
Add charcoal into your grill and place grate on top to make sure it can lay flat. Remove the grate and charcoal, add it to a charcoal chimney and heat over an open flame (such as a propane burner). Once charcoals are hot, add them back to the grill using heat-safe tongs or gloves. Add metal grate or yakitori bars, depending on your desired meal.
For traditional use (FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY): Use to grill yakitori (traditionally Japanese skewered chicken), chicken thighs and offal. Or enjoy meat (such as beef short rib) and fish, salmon and shrimp, as well as vegetables like shishito peppers, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, garlic scapes and snap peas. Serve with your choice of sauce. We like especially simply grilled meat or chicken with Bachan’s for bold Japanese barbecue flavor. Or try our Grilled Chicken with Soy Sauce Tare or this Japanese Ginger Pork to get you started.
Other uses: Use as you would a standard grill and cook burgers, flatbreads or roasted marshmallows while still gathering around the grill as a group.

Kitchen Notes

This grill gets very hot, so we recommend using fire-safe gloves or tongs when handling the hot coals or touching the grill itself. Take caution when lighting your charcoals and continue monitoring them once grilling. To extinguish, carefully douse with water. THIS GRILL IS FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY.

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