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Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil $24.95

The Weatherall family in Australia uses a proprietary non-GMO mustard seed varietal that is safer for consumption.

The family cold-presses its mustard seeds for a clean, sharp flavor and wonderful amber hue.

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Use this oil for cooking or as a finishing drizzle when you want a bit of spicy pungency. It makes a great addition to vinaigrettes instead of dijon mustard, and adds pleasant spiciness when tossed with roasted vegetables. As a cooking oil, it adds subtle earthy spice notes that pair particularly well with hearty greens and beans. Added to homemade or storebought mayonnaise it makes a wonderful spicy condiment for burgers or sandwiches.

Kitchen Notes

Heating the mustard seed oil mellows out some of its pungency, providing a mild but peppery kick that subsides to a lingering warmth.

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