Yes Cocktail Co. Lemon and Orange Slices Cocktail Garnish $16.95

Yes Cocktail Company is all about saying “yes.”

Lauren Butler and Brandon Alpert—the husband and wife team behind the company—said “yes” to every cocktail they could on a three-year international theater tour. When attempting to recreate the concoctions sampled on their travels back home in California, store-bought ingredients didn’t measure up to what they had tasted abroad. So they made their own. Their small-batch cocktail ingredients, inspired by their travels, lend a spirit of adventure to every glass.

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Add to any cocktail as is. Try grinding slices with a teaspoon of sugar—use to rim drink glasses, or mix into cocktails for a burst of citrus and a hint of bitterness. Slices will soften and swell if soaked in drinks.

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