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Yiayia & Friends Graviera Cheese Rusks $9.95

Crunchy, cracker-y biscuits made from twice-baked bread, rusks are a popular companant of Greek cooking.

They’re most commonly used as the base for lathovrekto (bruschetta), but also sometimes make an appearance as a snack for teething children.

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These are a welcome addition to any cheese, charcuterie or mezze board, where they can be dipped in mediterranean spreads or layered with nutty or salty cheese and preserves. They’re a wonderful base for a brushchetta: Toss diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and kalamatas in a light dressing of EVOO, red wine vinegar and oregano and layer atop the rusks. We also love crushing them up as a crouton substitute in salads.

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