Yoshikane SLD Suminagashi Wa-Gyuto

The long, elegant gyuto-style blade is the Japanese translation of the European-style chef’s knife. This exceptional version comes from the Yoshida family in Sanjo, Niigata. The swirling suminagashi steel (forged from hundreds of layers of a high-tech semi-stainless steel) holds a fine, durable edge suitable for all manner of slicing and dicing. The seemingly rough Karouchi finish actually acts like a nonstick coating, ensuring the cleanest cuts. The ambidextrous handle is made of grippy cherry wood with buffalo horn ferrules and should be kept dry.

  • Blade Style: Chef Knife (Gyuto)

  • Length: 8.3"/210mm

  • Steel: SLD (semi stainless)

  • Handle: Cherry wood with double buffalo ferrule

  • Purpose: This is an all purpose "primary" knife

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