Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry Nyonya Sauce $14.95

With roots in the Peranakan cooking traditions of Penang, nyonya sauce is a garlic, chili and vinegar condiment that’s startlingly fresh for a hot sauce.

​It’s produced by Ewe and Yishan of Mama Nyonya, a husband and wife team based in Central Taiwan. The recipe has been passed down from Ewe’s great grandmother, who prepared it daily for her family, and it now features garlic grown on Yishan’s family farm.

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Swap this in for your favorite hot sauce, or anywhere you’d use Sriracha (both have similar body and natural sweetness). Try a few dashes on a creamy pile of scrambled eggs or on a breakfast sandwich with ham or bacon. And dabbed on a slice of pizza, this sauce can’t be beat.

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